Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cozy Throw

This past year, I have not been knitting nearly as much as I usually do. And it has been perfect knitting weather: bitter cold and many nights staying in by the TV watching a movie. But my hands get tired during the day from all the piano that I play and I don't want to hurt them any more (yes, I have carpel tunnel like little old ladies. It's terrible!). But I gave in when I heard about this company out of New York called Loopy Mango, which sells insanely chunky, heavy wool. Now, I love to invest in good wool that is hand spun here. There is just a difference in quality and I love supporting those farmers. Loopy Mango sells kits for throw blankets where they give you everything: the needles (size 50, can you imagine!), wool, and the pattern, plus a cute little bag to put it all in. I decided that I wanted to make a throw. I already have enough lovely scarves, plus I knew that I would have it forever.

I ordered it in grey and couldn't wait for the materials to arrive! The best part? It only took less than three hours to make! Talk about immediate satisfaction. Here's the finished product:

I am in love! I wish it was a tad bit bigger, but for a throw it's pretty perfect. It's currently sitting on my bed warming my feet as I get over the stomach flu (yuck) and it is so warm and a perfect second layer on my bed. Plus don't you love the natural ombre it has? It's been perfect on my grey chair too. I would definitely recommend Loopy Mango to anyone who wants to knit a big blanket in a hurry! Check out more of their products here.

*No compensation was given by Loopy Mango. I just loved the product and wanted to share it with you!


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