Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fancies: Late Summer Style

Happy Friday everyone! It's been super crazy around here! This is the first time I've been home in a week. I spent last week visiting one of my best friends from college in my college town. It was really great to be able to go back and hang out at the place that meant so much to me for so long. We really had a ball and ate super yummy food! See below: veggie fajitas with fresh corn and bean salsa, fresh guac, smoked turkey sandwiches with arugala and fresh tomatoes, and blueberry lemon Italian Ice!

This week, my family and I squeezed in our family trip. What was supposed to be a 2 week adventure turned into 3 days! Yep, crazy schedules and jobs happened. We spent three relaxing days in Wisconsin, eating fresh food everyday, going for long walks, swimming a lot and indulging in cable TV (not a luxury we have at our house. We take advantage whenever possible!).

Speaking of jobs, guess who got one? This girl! I'm going to be teaching music at a local Catholic school and I seriously can't wait to get everything settled and set for the year. My sisters, mom and I have already started decorating!

late summer

But finally on to fancies! Wowza! I seriously love this look. Four easy pieces that just describe {this} summer to me. Nights have been chilly around here lately and why wouldn't you want that lovely piece around your shoulders? That Kate Spade Saturday dress is oh so cute and perfectly casual with those wedges and a bag. Sounds like summer to me!

This weekend I am off to see one of my favorite artists: the one and only Mr. Josh Groban! What was supposed to be a full girls-only family affair turned into asking everyone I knew if they waned to come! Isn't that difficult when you try to play things four months in advance? Life suddenly just happens! I'm so excited that one of my college friends can come and spend the evening with us. This is like a dream of mine, seeing Josh live! I've only ever dreamt it and now it's coming true! (I'm such a sap. I know. Can't help it!)

Have fabulous weekends!

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